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SensePet: Comprehensive pet health monitoring system utilizing longitudinal physiological data

Ali Bahrami, Bionous LLC


In the ever-evolving landscape of pet care, the need for advanced and comprehensive monitoring systems is growing. We introduce SensePet, a revolutionary device that leverages longitudinal physiological data and a multidimensional model to predict your pet's wellness status accurately. This comprehensive health monitoring system employs an AI-based platform named PHware, providing pet owners, veterinarians, and researchers with invaluable insights into the health status of their pets.

The surge in smart gadget use in animals is driven by various factors: seamless Bluetooth-enabled technology, increased awareness among pet owners, and the growing interest in health tracking platforms. A considerable portion of these gadgets focuses on tracking pets' location and promoting their fitness, employing GPS technology and activity monitoring via special on-collar devices. These on-collar devices, combined with companion mobile apps, empower pet owners to monitor their pet's location and set activity goals, marking a significant advancement in pet care technology. However, as this industry continues to evolve, our aspiration for connecting with our pets and providing them the best life possible grows, necessitating more comprehensive health monitoring systems. This is where SensePet comes into play.

Pet Health Awareness (PHware) Model

PHware Model gathers multimodal, longitudinal physiological data points from pets to predict their health status. These inputs include heart rate, blood oxygen levels, resting respiration rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals. With this data, SensePet establishes an individualized baseline for each pet and observes any deviations to ensure optimal pet health.

Enhanced Pet Health Monitoring System (PHware) Ecosystem

The PHware ecosystem comprises five subsystems that collaboratively create a continuous data-to-actionable intelligence pipeline. These subsystems include Analytics Flow, SensePet, Sensor Cloud AI, Cloud Analytics, and the Telehealth Dashboard. Together, they provide a powerful tool for pet health monitoring and care.

Use Cases

1. Continuous Health Monitoring: With SensePet, pet owners can regularly monitor their pets' vital signs, even when they're away. By noting abnormalities in their pet's data, owners can take immediate action, consult their vet, or adjust their pet's care regime, resulting in more efficient and effective pet care.

2. Early Disease Detection: Deviations from established baseline vital statistics can signal health issues. For instance, a consistent rise in heart rate and respiration rate may suggest heart disease, while a drop in blood oxygen levels could indicate respiratory issues. With SensePet, early detection is possible, often resulting in better treatment outcomes.

3. Stress Management: Changes in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) can reflect a pet’s stress level. Owners can use this information to make changes to their pets' environment, diet, or routine to manage their stress levels effectively.

4. Veterinarian Consultation: The Telehealth Dashboard allows vets to access pet health data in real time, facilitating prompt and accurate consultation. This feature is especially useful for managing chronic conditions and monitoring post-surgical recovery.

Evaluation of PHware SensePet Predicting Wellness Status

PHware uses an AI-based algorithm to generate a 'wellness score,' providing a snapshot of a pet's health status. Longitudinal measurements offer an individualized health baseline, deviations from which can signal health issues.


As technology becomes more advanced and accessible, smart gadgets for pets are increasingly common. However, these devices need companion software that can translate complex physiological input data into easily understood, actionable measures. That's where PHware comes in, offering an AI-based platform that pet owners, veterinarians, and researchers can use to monitor pet health.

SensePet is paving the way for a revolution in pet healthcare. By leveraging advanced technology, it turns complex physiological data into easy-to-understand, actionable information, promoting proactive care and early disease detection.

Our software's accuracy largely depends on the accuracy of the raw input data. Hence, we've developed a proprietary, three-dimensional tool to gather PPG signals from animals in a non-invasive way.

With the advent of smart pet gadgets like SensePet, we believe the standard of pet care is on the verge of a disruptive change. With SensePet, pets can enjoy a higher standard of health and wellness, and their owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they're doing everything they can for their furry friends.


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