Noninvasive Pet Care Management System

WHAT IS SensePet?

The SensePet is a pet care management that uses advanced technology such as patent-pending 3D Photoplethysmogram (PPG) to noninvasively measure your pet’s major vital signs. The SensePet consists of a SensePet Clip and an App running on your phone that connects via Bluetooth to the SensePet Clip for measuring your pet’s heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration rate, and heart rate variability (HRV).  

Oxygen saturation can reflect a human's as well as the pet's health. Low oxygen in the blood can cause anemia and lead to respiratory or cardiac failure. Lack of oxygen in the blood can also cause severe neurological problems and result in the brain shutting down other bodily systems to reroute available oxygen to the brain.  SensePet will also compute your pet's Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Many research studies have demonstrated that there is evidence of a correlation between dog and cat anxiety-related behavioral problems and HRV. HRV is also an indicator of a pet’s longevity. HRV varies during the day however low average HRVs for the span of weeks or months could reflect your pet’s stress level and overall health conditions. Till now it has been very expensive or difficult to capture a pet's vital signs such as blood oxygen. Thanks to SensePet it is now easy to measure your pet daily vital signs. The SensePet Clip is designed to easily snap to a pet’s ear (small or large, dogs, or cats) and to be comfortable for them.

Ever wonder how your pet feels? and why? In addition to 4 vital signs measurements. SensePet uses a propriety algorithm that takes these measurements and provides a single risk profile (SensePet Wellness Score) between 0 and 10 as an indicator of your pet wellness, which can be average, below average, and above average. SensePet Score currently uses references for dogs and cats.

  • The SensePet App features include the ability to store data on a local device or Cloud.

  • Managing Multiple Pets

  • Data can be shared among users such as between family members, Neighbors, or Vets.

  • Pet owners can be able to keep up with their pet when they are at work/away

  • App customizations

  • Quantified Pet Dashboard provides comprehensive information about your pet's vitals and wellness.

  • Build-in user guide and video tutorials

  • Reminder to take your pet vitals



Blood Oxygen


Hear Rate


Hear Rate



Respiration Rate




Overall Wellness

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6 Month Warranty 

Can be used on all Dogs & Cats

Battery Last 8 Weeks & Rechargeable 

Takes Measurements in Seconds

Measures 6+ Vitals

Shared among family members, neighbors, or Vets.

Used with Free Mobile App

One Time Payment


One Time Payment of $99