Keep Your Health on Track 

Phware® - Personal Health aWareness solutions, designed to help you stay on your health track.

THE BIONOUS Technologies

Phware® software when used with Phware Sense devices such as Phware Sense Nano or Phware Sense Nano Clip provide the most comprehensive noninvasive system that measures all major vital signs including blood pressure, glucose, temperature, respiration, pulse, blood Oxidation and your heart variability without cuff/pump or finger pricking


Bionous hardware and software enable you to capture, track and make sense of your health data and stay healthy.  PHware system provides you with a single number (PHware Score) between 0 and 10 that is an embodiment of all measured vital signs. It represents your current wellness status as average, below average, or above average.



Phware combines 'New Age Patient Centric' data with 'Traditional Population Centric' data and transforms it into actionable intelligence to help you stay healthy. Healthcare providers can also benefit from “continuous patient-generated data flow” for smart diagnosis and prevention of diseases. These services can be seamlessly integrated into healthcare providers’ workflow, enabling data-driven medicine and assisting in making sense of patients’ Big Data.


Phware® can learn from patients’ data through a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to create a personalized model for continuous Data-to-Information-to-Knowledge-to-Decision pipeline.  The outcome of the Phware® is actionable intelligence to help you stay healthy.

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