The PHware Clip works with the PHware Wellness, PHware Vitals, and PHware Diabetes apps running on your phone connecting via Bluetooth to the PHware Clip for measuring your vitals. Phware Clip is available only for preorder.


  • Battery Last 8 Weeks & Rechargeable
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • ​Takes Measurements in Seconds
  • Shared among family members, or your healthcare provider.
  • Used with Free Mobile App
  • One Time Payment

You can download the PHware app from App store or Google play.

PHware Clip

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  • The PHware Sense will be available in 2020. To support the project, you can preorder Phware sense, the first comprehensive noninvasive vital signs detection device (patent pending) that noninvasively measure all your major vital signs including blood pressure and glucose without cuff/pump or finger pricking.